AMSO American Shale Oil Corp

America and the world are entering a new era of fuel challenges.

Petroleum consumption far outstrips the pace of new, conventional oil discoveries, and rising fuel prices threaten the stability of the global economy.

Today, America imports approximately half of the petroleum it consumes.  Our dependence on foreign oil continues to pose a significant threat to our economy and our national security.

Alternatives to conventional oil must be aggressively pursued.  Tight oil production from shales and Canadian oil sands is increasing, but additional alternatives are needed to meet demand over the long run.  The United States holds the world’s largest deposits of oil shale, a kerogen-containing rock which can be extracted and processed into usable transportation fuel.

The oil shale deposits found on federal lands in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming contain an estimated 4.285 trillion barrels of oil in place according to the U.S. Geological Survey — enough to sustain America’s fuel needs for over a century.

American Shale Oil LLC (AMSO) is one of a small number of companies that have been granted leases to conduct research operations on federal land.  AMSO is demonstrating that its proprietary processes can produce commercial quantities of oil in an environmentally sound, socially responsible and commercially viable manner.

Securing America’s energy independence is one of the most important challenges we face.

AMSO is dedicated to achieving this goal, and believes that policy makers, government agencies, public and private sector alike must join forces in an effort to build a sustainable shale oil industry in the United States.